Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Lies Just Below the Surface

Last week I tackled the mound of insurance paperwork and receipts that have been piling up, filling boxes. I submitted enough receipts to my FSA for reimbursement to pay our summer property taxes. Our kids are damn expensive.

I logged on tonight to check the progress of the reimbursement process; our first time since Hubs' employment transfer and on the new insurance plans.

I scanned the lines of expenses flagged by the usual reimbursement categories: Medical, Rx, OTC, etc. followed by the approved reimbursement amount. I was just about to click the little X at the top of the page to log off when the last one caught my eye: Learning Disability. The other insurance company had never flagged Nick's speech therapy as such. It was considered medical.

Nevertheless, I couldn't help but feel a familiar stab and veil of tears form when those words leapt out at me.

No matter how well our kids are doing, there's always a layer of grief that lies just below the surface, isn't there?


Ann said...

Yes, there is.

I hate when it creeps up.

kristenspina said...

Yes, there absolutely is. And I find the best approach is to simply indulge it when it comes. Invite it to pull up a chair and stay awhile. I always feel better, find the bright side again, after a nice little wallow.

Sending hugs!

Cynthia said...


You have been as quiet as I lately. And, yes, as Benjamin's next IEP looms, I get that lump in the throat too. Hope all is well for you, quiet notwithstanding. I keep thinking I'll have the energy to write, then there's a sledidng hill calling....