Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tooth Talk

Hubs picked Nick up from school today. At first the 5 o'clock pickup went as per usual. Hubs began gathering Nick's belongings from his cubby and asking Nick about his day, except today Nick wasn't talking.

Hubs: "How was your day, Nick?"

Nick: looks away, ignoring Hubs (in his less verbal days, this was the norm)

H: "Did you have a good day?"

N: nods yes, looks away

H: "Nick, are you all right?" (growing concerned)

N: lips clamped shut

H: "Nick, have you got something in your mouth?" (now certain something is up)

N: shakes head for no and covers his mouth

H: "Open your mouth"

N: shakes head for no

H: "We are not leaving until you open your mouth. Now. Open. Your. Mouth."

N: opens mouth for Dad to see

H: "Nick. What happened to your tooth?"

N: "It came out in my hand."

H: "And what did you do with it?"

N: "I throwed it away in the garbage."

Hubs and 2 teachers then proceeded to pick through the trash until one tiny baby tooth was recovered for the tooth fairy.

A childhood milestone... and one (or two) parenting mistake(s).

1. We never realized he had a loose tooth, or two!

2. We never talked about the whole losing-baby-teeth-and-big-teeth-growing-in thing.

I sorta thought we had another 6 months or so before this would happen (*sniff* my baby is growing up!). Apparently I was wrong and fell asleep at the parenting wheel.

I can only imagine how confused and perhaps a little afraid Nick must have been all day. He probably thought he did something wrong, was going to get into trouble for coming home missing a tooth, or whatever wild imaginative things a 5 year old can dream up. So he told no one and tried to hide it.

This evening we made a big deal about becoming a big boy, growing new teeth and, of course, the tooth fairy. Suffice it to say, we've now had our tooth-talk, albeit a little late.

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Niksmom said...

Awww, poor Nick! I'll bet it was kinda scary for him. But, you live and learn and he's okay. That's all any parent can ask for. In our cases, if we get that, well, sometimes it's a bonus!

Hope the tooth fairy spoiled him rotten. ;-)