Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just A Barrel of Laughs

Life's been a barrel of laughs here this week.

Monday morning. Hubs sends Miss Meg to school clad in princess nightgown and flip flops for Pajama Day. Except pajama day isn't today. It's tomorrow. Hubs blames his Blackberry for giving him the reminder too early. Uh huh.

Tuesday late afternoon. Sitting at the kitchen table, IM'ing an old friend from laptop. Meg saunters into kitchen and announces, "Look Mom! It'll grow back!" Let me tell you that's never a good thing to hear from your 3 year old.

I found this in the bathroom:

There's no before pic because time was of the essence. Daddy was on his way home from work. I grabbed the kids' shoes and we dashed out the door to the local salon. Meg had taken a chunk out of either side and a gaping hole in the middle of her bangs right up to the hairline (!!!) a mere eleven days before my brother's wedding. At the salon, TWO hairdressers combed and parted her hair this way and that while they discussed different ways to remedy our little hair emergency.

Here's the after:

For my brother's wedding we'll part her bangs on the side, comb them over and put in a teeny-tiny (in Meg's words) barrett to hide the missing bangs in the center. It's not so bad. I kind of like it. Now if someone could just convince Daddy.

This kind of drama I can handle. These are the kind of stories we're going to tell when the kids are older. I can hardly wait to see what fun the rest of the week brings ;)


kristenspina said...

she's beautiful! maybe it was time for a little change... you know how we girls can be about our hair!!

Niksmom said...

Kristen's comment made me chuckle. Meg looks utterly adorable with her hair like that! I love it!

A Dusty Frame said...