Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am, admittedly, a Type A personality. I like my house neat and organized to a fault. I am a perfectionist. And I don't cope well with change. Gee, I wonder why my son gets his quirks from. So, you can imagine the bundle of nerves I became when coping with all of this at once....and you now know why I became kinda quiet on here over the last month:
  • Hubs division of "Megaware" was sold to "Megafocus" effective June 1st.
  • Hubs new office relocation (and time frame) remains undetermined
  • Aforementioned move will impact children's preschool situation at "Megaware" child development center.
  • How does one begin searching for new preschool when one does not know when/where one might need it?
  • New employer = new benefits
  • New benefits + child on spectrum receiving speech therapy = ??? coverage
  • New benefits + $15,000 out of network deductible = is Nick's developmental ped IN network???
  • Add one human resource representative who refused to speak to me, the employee's wife, or answer my email questions regarding said benefits because I "may not understand health insurance information." I only work in hospital administration. I'm just sayin'.
  • Oh, and throw in an IEP with a principal who didn't exactly want to schedule and IEP, or consider a para until I gave things a little bit of a push. ahem.

With a whole lotta prayer and a whole lotta Mocha Java Chip ice cream, we are making headway.
  • New office location is still in the Metro Detroit area. We won't have to relocate. It is considerably farther north, but hey, he's still employed, right?
  • We still don't know exactly when the office relocation will take place.
  • We still don't know what we will do for Meg's preschool after the move. Am considering a Montessori school near home but still need to go check it out. Am sad to leave the old school behind, but if the Montessori school turns out to be a good thing, I think it will be a good move.
  • New health insurance denied Nick's speech therapy. Yeah, I know this sucks. We were 12 weeks away from discharge.
  • Worked out arrangement with Outpatient Rehab Department: Nick will get to complete his speech therapy treatment plan in a condensed 7 weeks at a reduced rate with the same therapist we've been with for 3 years. We were awarded a scholarship. Out pocket cost: $215. Can you say amen?!
  • Yes, Nick's developmental ped is IN network. Phew. His labs, which are done quarterly, however, are not. Oh well. More money will go into the HFSA account next year.
  • And the IEP is done. We got the teacher we wanted and the parapro application is in to the county.

Still a few loose ends, but I'm not feeling like a peice of taffy being pulled in all directions anymore. One foot in front of the other, my friends.


goodfountain said...

That's a lot of change to be dealing with at one time. I'm not a Type A personality but I would have a hard time with all those unknowns.

For a typical kid, I think Montessori is a great option.

What kind of labs do you have run on Nick ever quarter?

Niksmom said...

You'd go crazy in my house! LOL ;-)
That's a lot of change to have to wait out. Glad things are working out, though. :-)

A Dusty Frame said...